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Self Confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings
- Samuel Johnson


Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other


Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion
- Georg Hegel


A successful team is a group of many hands and one mind
– Bill Bethel


'Great Companies' are built on 'Great Products'
- Elon Musk


It is never late too be, what you might have been
- George Eliot


Care about your customers more than about yourself, and you will do well
- Derek Sivers


Communication must be HOT - That’s Honest, Open and Two-Way
- Dan Oswald
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About rak san

rak san is an integrated incubator for globally scalable SaaS platforms/startups.

We discover, ideate, engineer and incubate scalable SaaS platforms in-house. We own 100% equity in our in-house incubated platforms/startups.

We believe that the present model of incubation is not experiential, patches resources, borrows temporary skillsets and is observatory in style. So - we chose to engineer an integrated and experiential process of incubation.

We have a unique ‘IBC’ recurring value business model: ‘Ideate – Build – Capitalize’. We build scalable platforms and assign an able senior team to scale it up, while moving on to a new idea to be incubated into the next big thing.

raksan infinity labs

infinity labs is our crucible of innovation and our idea-proving ground, where our most potent product ideas are brewed.

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mobility | platforms | ideation

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” - Charles Darwin

While being at ease with both enterprise and mobility software abilities using latest methods, we continue to specialize building mobility solutions using javascript React/Meteor/Apollo frameworks.

An interesting yet highly disruptive initiative is our creation of ‘mobile enterprise and ecosystem platforms’. On such platforms we enable and engage ecosystem members to discover, connect, understand and consume services of other ecosystem partners. This concept will redefine end-to-end, the ecosystem partner interactions. Watch out this space in the coming weeks.

Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas, where an idea is understood as a basic element of thought that can be either visual, concrete, or abstract. We specialize in product and services ideation to help you shape, distill, and launch your ideas or improve upon your existing products or interaction models. We possess abilities of a thought cycle, from innovation, to development, to actualization across industry domains.

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Field Service/Staff Management

Human Capital Management

Mobile Device Management

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Our Process

Our proprietary ‘In-house Incubation’ methodology ensures that we Ideate, assign team members, provide infrastructure, facilities, corporate incorporation, IP registrations, strategy planning and GTM services in-house.

Each idea or business plan we consider, is carefully evaluated and dissected before we choose to incubate it in-house into a legal entity and through an MVP.

We have come a long way in perfecting this recurring process and believe in the focussed method of in-house incubation for a matured outcome of a startup/platform. We ensure viable business models are ideated well in advance with thoughtful pivoting of the theme, based on dynamic market responses. We usually bring out an MVP within 6 months for market exposure and customer responses before moving to the next feature build.

We focus on building platforms, rather than a single functionality app, since the relevance of platforms tends to be longer and more spread out, though the initial momentum tends to be slow. Once platforms onboard users and expose workflows, the consumption processes and analytics build a solid foundation for future growth and mass relevance.

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Why rak san

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    Software Engineer

    Looking for a software engineer with experience in MEAN technologies.
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    Principal Software Engineer

    Looking for a principal software engineer with experience in MEAN technologies.
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    Product Manager

    Looking for an architect in product engineering divison added with mobility experience.
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    UX Designer

    Looking for user experience (UX) engineer.
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    QA engineer

    Looking for QA engineer.
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    Community Manager

    Experience in community management and startup events
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    Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi


Software Engineer

Principal Software Engineer

Architect/Product Manager

User Experience (ux) Engineer

QA Engineer

Community Manager

Thanks for contacting us.

If we find your profile suitable, you should hear from us within 5 – 6 working days. We will also revert in case we need more details from you.
Thank you and best of luck.

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  1. Head-office:Hyderabad

rak san Consulting Private limited
#1002, 10th Floor, The Platina, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana, India - 500032

T: +91 93813 13647

rak san Consulting Private Limited
iKeva, Umiya business bay tower 1, level 8, Cessna business park main road, Marathalli Sarjapur main road, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - 560103

m: +91-40-4672 5725,

rak san Consulting inc.
5 Walden Trail Streamwood, IL 60107, USA

T: +1 717 491 1951


Thanks for contacting us.
We have received your query / feedback and we will revert as soon as possible, if required.

If this is an urgent requirement, please contact us at: +91 93813 13647.

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  • Key members
  1. Rakesh Naik / Founder & CEO

  2. Abhay Naik / Board Member & Advisor

  3. Rudra Pratap / Senior Partner & CMO

  4. Usha Nirmala / CPO

  5. Ramana Chandavarapu / Senior Partner & CTO

  6. V K Prasada Rao / CFO

  7. Satyanarayana V / Advisor

  8. Suresh G / Advisor

  9. Roopa Naik / Promoter & Advisor

Rakesh Naik / CEO rakesh naik linkedin profile

Rakesh Naik / Founder & CEO

A seasoned and result focused executive accomplished in sales, technology, program, general management and people functions with demonstrated and sustained ability of client satisfaction, profitability and exceeding board expectations.

He is an articulate communicator, well accustomed to working cultures of India, US, Europe, Middle East & Asian countries in 20+ years of his various roles of IT experience. With his persuasive abilities, eclectic sense of humor, technical bent of mind and immense networking connections, Rakesh is invaluable to organizations for his executive presence and demonstrated technical abilities.

He is a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics from Bangalore University and has a Masters Diploma in Software Science, from Tata Unisys Limited Education Center, India. His career has spanned roles of an instructor, analytical skills of programming, IT manager of complex data centers, products & projects, program management and that of a business head.

He is well travelled and has amassed more than two decades of international working and business building experience in the US, Europe and APAC countries. His stint at SRA while working from Amsterdam, New York and its other branches has moulded him into a fine IT executive handling MM€/MM$ projects for global japanese software companies, while deftly balancing technical management, quality, delivery and customer expectations in high-pressure engagements around the world.

Rakesh is presently the 'Chief Executive Officer' of rak san . He is one of those 'hard-to-find-by' types of senior executives who can relate to technical and management teams equally well.

Usha Nirmala / CPO Usha Nirmala linkedin profile

Usha Nirmala / CPO

She is an able "naripreneur" with about 14+ years of people management, operations, ideation and industry domain exposure of finance, banking, software, knowledge companies, consumer goods and engineering. Adept at handling operations of startups, fast growing mid-market firms and MNC's as a business leader, general manager and process expert. She relates well to the nuances of tactical, strategy and operational requirements of interaction levels spanning sophomores to executive positions.

People, talent and best practices are some of her special interest areas that she has used to help her clients, businesses, teams and projects in mission critical situations, crisis management, emergency measures, scaling efforts, talent building, unifying corporate approach, setting strategy and defining an exceptional employee experience.

She is presently Chief People Officer at rak san , she is using her skills of a top-down and bottom-up approach to build engagement within our organization to streamline a fast-growing product centric startup into its next phase of business life-cycle. She is also the product head for our 'Human Capital Management' digital platform - '' being built in-house.

Ramana Chandavarapu / Senior Partner & CTO linkedin profile

Ramana Chandavarapu / Senior Partner & CTO

Ramana is a pro with 20+ years of experience in product development and worked across multiple geographies. He has over 20+ years of product development experience working in various product companies across multiple geographies in various offshore/offsite/onsite/OPD/GDC models. He also has experience of being a startup founder as well as working for a well established product MNC across various functions such as Product Development, Management, Program and General Management.

As a sophomore in US, Ramana worked as a programmer in Flight Safety International and got an headstart in work even as a student. He briefly worked in Lucent Technologies in Ohio and California. He started his full-time career as a systems developer working with C/C++ on Unix systems, Sybase and Oracle in organizations that were building products for internal use or commercial products. During the dotcom era, he opted to work in startups to gain maximum exposure and experience in new and cutting-edge technologies. Learning the internals of everything about the web - HTTP protocols and RTSP. This gave him a rich exposure to the entire web applications stack very early on as a proponent of these technologies.

Working in India, he rose to be an acclaimed consultant, architect and engineering manager of critical products with Novell’s Bangalore center and was recognized as top 1% talent. In his next job,as Senior Manager at EMC Data storage systems, he was sighted for director training program conducted by Harvard School. He is proud of how he set up a green field ODC for a startup Sensen Networks, an Australian firm.

He is an effective leader and communicator with extensive experience in leading large scale projects and programs simultaneously. He is also a technical Engineering Manager who transitioned various products from US to India centers and managed the roadmap for these products from growth to maturity. At rak san as its Senior Partner and CTO, Ramana handles the entire technical roadmap and guides the architects, development and quality assesment teams on their journey and envisions the future frameworks and technology fitments.

Suresh Garimella / Advisor linkedin profile

Suresh G / Advisor

Raised and schooled in hyderabad, TS, india. Suresh moved to bangalore to obtain his bachelor of engineering in electronics & communication from bangalore university. he has a post graduate certification in business management (PGCBM), from XLRI india. as a cricket enthusiast, he captains a team actively participating in many intra company tournaments toping the charts few times. Perseverance and leadership comes naturally as a sportsman.

He is well travelled across india, US, UK and canada and retains special interests in product development, management consulting, coaching, customer service, pre sales and business development and has been a high achiever all his life.

For professional experience, suresh donned various roles as skilled analytical software programmer, tutor/trainer, business analyst, product manager, program head during his tenure at DST and TCS/microsoft. He is acclaimed for his contributions towards setting up a greenfield IT qa/qc practice at DST, that has shaped into a full-fledged successful center of excellence (COEs) catering to testing and consulting aspects of financial projects of a globally dispersed large teams delivering hedge fund products across US and UK.

Satyanarayana Vemuru / Advisor satyanarayana linkedin profile

Satyanarayana Vemuru / Advisor

A senior IT management executive, a thorough gentleman and connoisseur of fine things. Satya is a quintessential family man and epitomizes discipline, diligence and perseverance.

Satya has a Bachelor degree in Science with PGDGM in Management from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. He is well travelled across India, US, Europe and Africa and a voracious reader with interests in photography and spirituality.

He has donned roles of generalist and specialists, spanning business disciplines and industries, as manager - technical, sales and HR, Recruitments, and as Director Human Resources in his 29+ years of experiences in India, US, Europe and Africa providing rich evidence of his general management expertise in large organization operations.

He worked for a well-established japanese software group headquartered in Japan with operations in Europe and the US streamlining their sales & business development operations and setting up of a staffing framework, for their global consolidation attempts in tune with the emerging economic situations around the world. He was stationed in Amsterdam and New York and worked closely with strategic decision makers while interacting with C-level executives.

Raghavendra Rao / Head of US Operations linkedin profile

Raghavendra Rao / Head of US Operations

Mr. Raghavendra Rao (Raghu), a resident of Streamwood, IL, USA and a Senior IT executive. He is a Graduate of Science with a Masters degree in Computer Applications from 'The Osmania University Hyderabad, India'. He has acquired professional certifications and management experience in the areas of software development and infrastructure support groups of large global companies in India and US. He started his career handling complex Implementation of Unix/Solaris operating systems, scripting and programming to various infrastructure groups for their mission critical projects. Raghu has over 16+ years of experience, majority of which was with Siemens Healthcare. Prior to Siemens Healthcare; Raghu explored various roles in niche telecom companies in Silicon Valley and Axes Technologies, Bangalore, India, in their development environment division.

He retains special interests in managed service and infrastructure technologies and operating systems. Raghu is well travelled in India, US and Europe on work and pleasure. Raghu is one of the co-founders of rak san Consulting Inc. and heads the US operations of rak san while handling Customer relations and operations of the startup.

Rudra Pratap / Senior Partner & CMO rudra pratap linkedin profile

Rudra Pratap / Senior Partner & CMO

Rudra is a software engineer by education, marketing expert by function and a people manager by role. He has an MS degree in Software Engineering from BITS - Pilani, EPBM from IIM Kolkata, BCA from Utkal University and a PGDAC from the National Institute of Advertising.

As an articulate general manager exuding executive level presence, he is quite skilled in multiple domains of company operations bridging general and specialist roles with global footprints, while being adept at people operations, ideation of business strategies, government liaison and blue ocean concepts. Rudra has led large geographically dispersed teams, quite early in his career spanning 14+ years.

He specializes in marketing goods and products, services and concepts, equally well. His exposure includes marketing strategies, digital mediums, reputation management, PR strategies, planning and execution of events, celebrity management, GTM, OOH, etc using traditional and new age digital methods. He is an avid photographer and loves driving off and on the road.

Rudra is presently the 'Senior Partner & Chief Marketing Officer' of rak san helping us scale to the next level, as we shed our startup nature while consolidating our ideation and development efforts.

V K Prasada Rao / CFO linkedin profile

V K Prasada Rao / CFO

Prasada Rao is multi-skilled with qualifications as Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and a Law Graduate. With 35+ years of experience in industries of Tele communications, Manufacturing, Banking, Healthcare, Electronics and Software companies, he demonstrates proven expertise in finance, accounting, strategies, compliance and statutory operations of running global aspirations of Indian companies.

Mr. Rao’s specialties include IPOs, Capital and Fund Raising, Valuations, Financial Modelling and Strategy.

At rak san , he heads accounts, finance, compliances and is a key participant of an ideation project handling all numerical nuances. His hobbies include attempting infusion of practical spiritual wisdom with modern day workplace techniques for increasing group productivity and dynamics.

Vijay Pachika / Legal Advisor vijay pachika linkedin profile

Vijay Pachika / Legal Advisor

Vijay Pachika is our Legal advisor and handles the legal advice and services to all our 4 companies.

He provides legal assistance, organizes various legal activities, creates legal documents and advises our clients and incubated startups on all the relevant legal issues.

Abhay Naik / Board member & Advisor Abhay linkedin profile

Abhay Naik / Board member & Advisor

Abhay Naik, is a resident of Hyderabad, Telangana, India - a geek and an aficionado with purist approach to design, engineering, science and technology, architecture and gadgets.

With huge interests in practical engineering that is acquired of his own interests, Abhay shows razor sharp focus on completing projects with uncompromising quality and a perfectionist attitude.

He is passionate about fixing and improving anything from design and applied engineering perspective and is popular amongst family and friends for his abilities to act as a critique and for solving complex problems that are given up by experts and engineers.

Abhay is a 'Bachelor of Commerce' from Osmania University and has a completed many computer courses in design and business applications. He is more technical than most engineers with hands on abilities, research thinking, design and common sense approach to most things. He is usually found acting as a 'points man' for rendering solutions to complex design and engineering requirements of his startups, friend and family, investors, colleagues and community. At rak san, he doubles up an advisor to the board in his personal capacity.

He is well travelled and has amassed invaluable exposure of technology and science in his career as designer, architect and as an investor. He brings a unique approach and thought process of ideation and product design that is usually prevalent amongst Western European countries of Germany and Scandinavia.

Presently on the board, as an ideator, investor, advisor and as an evangelist of design at – rak san - Abhay is invaluable to the startup ecosystem for his practicality, awareness and perseverance.

Roopa / Promoter & Advisor venugopal perumanam linkedin profile

Roopa Naik / Promoter & Advisor

Roopa Naik, is an astute finance professional accomplished in corporate credit, retail operations, business development, client liaison, corporate banking and profit center aspects of banking industry having referenceable connects with CxO level teams of large and SME clients across the industry spectrum.

Roopa has travelled well in India and abroad and has completed her schooling from reputed convent institutions of Hyderabad, AP, India. She is a 'Bachelor of Science' from Osmania University and has a 'Honors Diploma in Information and System Management' from Apple Industries Limited, India. She also has a Diploma in Computer Programming and Applications from the National Center for Information Technology, United Kingdom.

In her 20+ years of professional experience she was associated with new age banking firms like Global Trust Bank, Axis Bank, L&T Infrastructure Finance etc., while continuously working in their alpha rated branches. With good grasp of trends, processes and systems connected with banking industry of India and abroad she was responsible for growing many 'key and high' value accounts in an independent capacity with her smart methods and tech-savvy ways, almost single-handedly.

She is passionate about quality and maintaining exceptional feedback in liaising with "C" and board executives of top corporates of India in high activity sectors of infrastructure, hi-tech, realty, power, aerospace, entertainment, hotel services, pharmaceuticals etc. while managing their complex accounts and portfolios.

She is an extremely articulate project/program manager with broad spectrum knowledge of business operations while handling large and complex portfolios, building SOPs, firefighting, managing crisis situations and having an eye for detail that helped her contribute to the exponential growth of the credit operations and being recognized as a top relationship officer for large clients dealing with national level infrastructure projects.

She is associated and has mentored many startups on their financial learnings. Currently she is also a promoter of an upcoming multi-IT products company incubated by her sibling. She is an active ideator of a world class platform presently being built by her sibling. Her latest professional details can be accessed at

venugopal venkatraman perumanam / coo venugopal perumanam linkedin profile

venugopal v p / coo

raised in a traditional family, venugopal has retained a strong sense of discipline, diligence and perseverance in his personality. he is a wildlife lover and likes to explore nature driving around with friends. having spent all his childhood and schooling in andhra pradesh, IN, venugopal has a master of computer applications from university of madras, chennai, tamil nadu. he places utmost importance in striking right balance between work and personal life and believes it is critical not just for his progression but also ensures his team practice it.

he is well travelled across india, US, EMEA and APAC and retains special interests in technology consulting, operations and strategy in his 18+ years of experience while fire-fighting many complex projects. he has a good mix of technical, managerial and services background.

venugopal is presently the "chief operations officer" of rak san and he seeks to implement the company’s long-term strategy, provide leadership and direction for all business activities while being responsible for major operational actions.

  1. sanjay jesrani / member - advisory board

  2. sarath chandra reddy p / member - advisory board

sanjay jesranis
member - advisory board sanjay jesrani linkedin profile

sanjay jesrani
member - advisory board

sanjay, an active member of the indian angel network, the premier national group of angel investors – has investments in startups across the healthcare, education, impact, consumer and fintech sectors.

a charter member at TIE, hyderabad (the indus entrepreneurs), he is also on the advisory board of parampara capital, an early stage fund and 50k network, an emerging national investor network.

a independent director on the board of unimed health (star hospitals), he has also joined the business advisory council at woxsen school of business, hyderabad. he was the executive vice president & head, global delivery center, hitachi consulting india. a CEO and head of the global delivery center at india, he led the company’s global delivery team of 1800+ across the centers at hyderabad, pune and bangalore.

as a member of hitachi consulting’s exec leadership team, he was actively involved in the company’s growth strategy and M & A programs targeted at reaching the $1B+ size. he was a core member of the india and south asia hitachi group company CEO network.

sanjay brings over 20 years of solid execution experience from his previous role at sierra atlantic, as the CFO - asia & china.

prior to joining sierra atlantic, he ran a family owned industrial venture and led a successful chartered accountancy practice. he holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce and a fellow member of the institute of chartered accountants of india (ICAI).

a keen golfer and art enthusiast, he was also a founding member of sierra atlantic’s corporate social responsibility initiative at india.

sarath chandra reddy p
member - advisory board sarath chandra reddy linkedin profile

sarath chandra reddy p
member - advisory board

our senior investor belongs to a highly accomplished family with a legacy of illustrious achievers and global entrepreneurs. he is a second generation owner, active board member and an administrator of a highly successful multi billion $ pharma company based out of hyderabad, india, with footprints in 50+ countries and growing rapidly.

being young, tech savvy and passionate about new age technology and software, sarath finds time to actively participate in various ideation efforts. his investments and interests apart from pharma include healthcare, realty, e-commerce, renewable energy and software. he has a penchant for new learnings, business prudence, fire to succeed, eye for detail and business connections which egg startups to be world beaters.

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Marketing Team

‘If you're a good marketing person, you have to be a little crazy’ - that’s a good intro for our folks

System Engineers

IT is these folks’ back and bones, in all our work and projects. Our unsung heroes ...

Quality Assurance

“All code is guilty, until proven innocent.”
The 5s, six sigmas, kanban, kaizen, iso, leans and means of our company

User Experience

These guys tell stories, mock, visualize, design on our prototypes, wireframes, interactions, and flows of all our innovations and products

User Design

Our photoshoppers and UI Dev guys who keep us client-confident as we walk the ramp

People Team

By the people, Of the people, and For the people of our humane resourcing methods

Engineering Team-M

The team capable of building nothing short of the ‘Burj Khalifa’ of the coding world. Ask of the steel, each nut and the wires what gave it the force and strength...

Engineering Team-s

The team capable of building nothing short of the ‘Burj Khalifa’ of the coding world. Ask of the steel, each nut and the wires what gave it the force and strength...

Product Lab

The nerds who put a mega spin on our data that grows to peta


The nerds who put a mega spin on our data that grows to peta


The wizards who bring financial sanity to our purpose